Nature's Best Sleep Tea and Immunity Tea.

Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Tea for Youth & Vitality


  • HERBAL BLUE TEA: Butterfly Pea Flowers are known for their color-changing ability. Their vibrant Blue/Purple color and tremendous flavor are the Pea flower’s signature trademarks. It is used as a coloring agent in food, drinks, and baked products. You can brew it in hot or cold liquid or combine it with lemonade for a beautiful color-changing drink. It is quite common to use as herbal tea.
  • REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY: Our Butterfly Loose Leaf Tea is made from naturally extracted ingredients that have the ability to turn down anxiety, freeing the mind to focus on other tasks. It may help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, tiredness, depression and helps people feel happier. The product is 100% NON-GMO and GLUTEN-free. Its Organic ingredients are Anise, Licorice, Fennel, Currant, Rosehip, Butterfly blue pea flower, Hibiscus, Star anise, Nettle, Jasmine, Natural flavors
  • MENTAL SHARPNESS: The Tea has multiple benefits to promote mental calm, boost brain concentration, improve memory, cognitive capacity, enhancing your mood, and has the ability to support blood flow while encouraging creativity and intelligence
  • BENEFICIAL FOR SKIN: It contains antioxidants and bioflavonoids which help boost collagen that may be beneficial to hair and skin. It helps revitalize your skin health and make it smooth, and stimulates hair growth.


Blue Tea is made from the flowers of the Clitoria Ternatea Plant, commonly known as butterfly Pea Flowers, which are absolutely caffeine-free, and packed with antioxidants. These delicate flowers have traditionally been used as a natural dye for edible dishes, to change color in food and drinks as well as known for their promising benefits and is widely regarded as one of the safest and most effective supplements. It changes to a nice purple and blue color when some acid or alkalies like lemon juice is added. This loose leaf tea contains organic ingredients which enhance mood, improve memory, help people who have poor blood circulation, reduce stress, and support the central nervous system. The Flavonoids present in tea stimulate collagen production, gives your face a natural and younger appearance, firmness, and elasticity. Multiple pieces of research have been conducted on Butterfly Pea Flower Tea with overwhelmingly positive results. Although it is mostly known for improving memory retention, balancing your compound levels, promoting weight loss, detoxifying the body, and boosting your strength and energy. It is also useful as an anti-anxiety supplement for people with social anxiety and depression issues. This product is 100 % GLUTEN-FREE, CHEMICAL FREE, NON-GMO, NONTOXIC, CAFFEINE AND SUGAR-Free, VEGAN. We offer you the purest and most genuine Butterfly Pea Flower Tea within the market.