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Blueberry Coffee - Breakfast Blend

Blueberry Coffee - Breakfast Blend

ElderBlu Farms

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Blueberry Coffee 

Small Batch, Premium Light Roast Ground

Organic Coffee 

Hold the cream and sugar!  Taste this blend before adding anything to it.

This specialty herbal coffee is like nothing you've had.  This is TRUE blueberry herbal coffee - no artificial flavoring.
If you want healthy, delicious gourmet coffee, get it from fruit farmers and herbalists!

Created in West Michigan, the fruit-belt of the world, this blend's beautiful aroma, natural fruit flavor and sweet finish is the perfect start to your morning. 

With notes of citrus, blueberry, and milk chocolate, Blueberry Breakfast blend is infused with all natural herbs and coffee beans from Brazil, Central, and South America.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee, natural herbs.
Naturally Caffeinated. 
10 oz ground coffee per bag