Nature's Best Sleep Tea and Immunity Tea.

ElderBlu Summer Peach Tea
Most Refreshing (And Healthy) Herbal Tea To Drink During Summer
Most Refreshing (And Healthy) Herbal Tea To Drink During Summer
Most Refreshing (And Healthy) Herbal Tea To Drink During Summer

ElderBlu Summer Peach Tea

ElderBlu Farms

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The Market's Best All-Natural, Refreshing

 Summer Peach Tea

With Peaches, Papayas and so much more...

The perfect, refreshing Summer Peach Tea.  The delicious aftertaste, and aroma will make you feel like you're in an orchard.

We blend dried peaches and apricots with rich, flavorful Sri Lankan black tea for this versatile tea that can be served hot or cold.  It's especially refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. 


15 biodegradable pyramid tea sachets in ECO-FRIENDLY packaging.

Each order comes with 1 beautiful tin, containing 15 sachets, making over 30 servings.

Ingredients:  Premium Black Tea, Peach, Apricot, Papaya, Blackberry Leaves, Calendula and Sunflower Petals.

Contains natural caffeine.

Brew Time:  Steep min 5-7 minutes.  You can't brew too long;  the longer the brew, the richer the tea.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

3 Reasons Behind ElderBlu Peach Tea's Delicious Flavor (And Health Benefits!)

We’re always surrounded by tempting beverage options in our daily lives, from sugary sodas to highly caffeinated energy drinks. And sure, these drinks can be enjoyed every once in a while, but your body deserves better. (If we’re honest, it deserves something like ElderBlu.)

Now, the thought of switching over to something like peach black tea can seem frightening at first — especially if you’re fairly attached to the options listed above. Fortunately, doing so doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that sweet content (or caffeine rush) you’ve grown to love.

Still not convinced that ElderBlu’s peach tea is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some reasons why this nutritious alternative belongs in your beverage collection.


1.  Peach Tea is Filled with Nutrients

Like many naturally caffeinated teas, peach tea doesn’t fall short when it comes to nutritional content. Besides granting it that unmistakable, delicious flavor, these ingredients also directly impact the health of the drinker.

Here are some nutrients to name:

  • Vitamins A, C, E, K and B: This concoction of essential nutrients helps your body to perform hundreds of roles, from keeping your circulatory system running smoothly to boosting your immune system.
  • Potassium and Phosphorus: This powerful duo is responsible for maintaining various bodily functions, including energy storage, waste filtering and muscle recovery.
  • Manganese and Magnesium: Finally, these two nutrients allow peach tea to boost the body’s supply of antioxidants, blood sugar regulation, disease reduction and more.


2.  Peach Tea Is Absolutely Delicious


Yes, it’s incredible that nature’s original caffeinated tea is so healthy, but we all know what really matters: The taste. After all, what’s the point if it doesn’t hit that spot when you’re drinking it?

Well, you don’t have much to worry about, as peach tea hits it out of the park in the flavor department. Whether you use a simple peach black tea mix or a formula filled with multiple fruits, the summery taste of peach is unmistakable. From start to finish, you can expect the beverage to taste like a sweet taken straight from the candy store — without the guilt.


3.  Peach Tea is A Healthy and Sustainable Alternative to Sugary Drinks

No matter how clean your diet may be, it’s impossible to avoid craving something sweet every once in a while. Though it’s easy to reach for those soda cans placed temptingly on store shelves, it’s worth investing in healthy alternatives that can satisfy cravings while continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As such, peach black tea is an all-in-one rockstar. From its comprehensive health benefits to unparalleled natural flavor, this is a caffeinated tea everyone should keep in their pantry. Whether you only drink it once in a while to relax after a long day or make it part of your daily diet, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the beverage.

Discover Your Next Favorite Flavor

Ready to take the plunge? ElderBlu’s peach tea mix is guaranteed to open your eyes to a new world of flavor and health. Try it today!

Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.

Hand-picked, small batches straight from the farm --gourmet tea, not sold in stores.  

Outstanding brewed hot or steeped cold for a refreshing summer iced tea or spritzer.  And the longer you brew it, the richer it gets! 

Our triangle tea sachets are made of the latest biodegradable woven mesh filter derived from corn starch and polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is also used in surgery, food packaging, and 3D printing. It is obtained by lactic fermentation of glucose derived from corn starch. It is both antibacterial and antifungal.

ElderBlu Farms has grown fruit in West Michigan for over 50 years. 

To guarantee freshness and top flavor, we continue to blend and package teas by hand, in small batches. Whether your aim is immune support or taste, we want to be the fresh choice for your next cup.  

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Summer peaches and papayas tea

Wonderful flavor with a little honey for sweetness