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Elderberry Benefits

The Wonderful Elderberry Benefits

Elderberry Tea is one of the most popular and very effective teas due to its numerous health benefits. Elderberry Tea is produced out of Elderberries, and Elderberries come from the Sambucus Tree, of which the most common kind is the Sambucus Nigra. So it can be inferred that the tea is a by-product of the Sambucus Nigra These plants usually grow into small trees more than 15 feet tall, with a spread matching the height. Wild Elderberries typically grow from seeds spread by birds and man. The Elderberry tree has clusters of small cream or white elderflowers and bunches of little black or blue elderberries. To grow, they prefer moist soil but can survive on dry soil as well, and this is why Mexico and Central America is the best place for them to grow. As its name implies, it has been around for hundreds of years, so people have continuously used it for different health benefits. In this article, we examine some of these amazing Elderberry Benefits. Let's get right to it!

1. Elderberry Benefits for Skin

Everyone wants to have smooth milky clear skin, but Acne is the number one enemy of this skin goal. It causes blackheads, pimples, bumps, and other skin diseases, leaving the face dry and dirty. If you have acne, well, today is the day it ends as Elderberry Tea is very effective for skin treatment. It contains high flavonoids concentration which is very good for skin cells.

2. Indigestion

If you have ever suffered from indigestion, you should know it is not a fun problem as the discomfort it could bring can be unbearable. Just a few sips of Elderberry Tea will ease your bowel movement and get your digestive system on track again. It has even been used as a diuretic, so if you have urination issues, waste no time getting some.

3. Elderberry Immune Support

The Antimicrobial properties of Elderberry Tea have proved very useful in tackling cold and flu as it relieves nasal congestion, cough and catarrh. It has potent antioxidants such as phenolic acids and anthocyanins, which also help fight this infection.

4. Cholesterol

This tea can be used in clearing this waxy lipid fat capable of clogging the heart or blood vessels and causing serious damage to the body. Daily, many of us consume high-cholesterol foods, but we do not know how damaging they can be. Yes, they are important for digestion, but that is only the necessary ones required by the body, and it is required in little quantity. Meanwhile, many of us have excess cholesterol in our system, and  Elderberry Tea is just perfect for dissolving the bad cholesterol. ElderBlu Farms makes a superb, healthy blend. Get yours today.

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