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Time to Build-up your Immune System

CDC predicts this season to be one of the worst for public health in history.

Our tried & true delicious, all-natural herbal immune support teas are here for you and those you love. 

From the fruit-belt of the world, every cup of tea begins with healthy plants carefully curated from strong mother stock. The vibrant tea you get from ElderBlu Farms brings beautiful aroma, texture, delicious taste and a wide range of health benefits. 

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Share the gift of all-natural, healthy tea.

We make our tea infusions with 7-12 key ingredients, in proper variety and proportion;  that's what makes them unique and why thousands of happy customers enjoy our tea, year-round.

There is a tea for every walk of life. 

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Based in West Michigan, with roots from a family farm going back over 50 years, we harvest premium, tasty, all-natural herbs & fruit from a consortium of farms to blend all natural tea, and more; tea for immune support and general wellness. 

All blends are hand-picked, small batches.

Our premium tea blends are organic and help with a range of health. From turmeric ginger tea, which serves as both a detox tea and a weight loss tea; blueberry-elderberry tea, best described as a potent immune support tea; to mugwort tea, which is a wonderful and delicious dream tea; and nettle tea, with its ginseng and gingko, make it the best energy tea as an alternative to coffee.

There is a tea for every season of life.


About Elderberry Tea

Elderberry Benefits

Elderberry Benefits

Elderberry Benefits 

Elderberry Tea is one of the most popular and very effective teas due to its numerous health benefits. Elderberry Tea is produced out of Elderberries, and Elderberries come from the Sambucus Tree, of which the most common kind is the Sambucus Nigra.  Here, we touch on a few of its better known qualities.

How is Elderberry Tea made?

How is Elderberry Tea made?

How is Elderberry Tea made?

Their varying color could beautify your garden but what really interests people about them is how they can give you a fresh cup of tea. Elderberry tea is made from dried but ripe elderberries. It's almost like making Hibiscus Tea. These dried berries are boiled in water, after which the mixture is drained to remove the solid particles in it.

Organic Mugwort Tea, Nature’s Best

Mugwort Benefits

Mugwort Benefits

The Health Benefits of Mugwort Tea

Known for its effect on dreaming, Mugwort Tea offers so much more.

Turmeric Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea Benefits | Turmeric Tea Benefits

Ginger Tea Benefits | Turmeric Tea Benefits

Turmeric Tea Benefits and Ginger Tea Benefits

From weight loss to colon cleansing, turmeric ginger tea is the ideal detox tea we can rely on in for modern living.

Blueberry Coffee